Disqus is parsing your DOM and adding affiliate links

Disable VigLink affiliate links from Disqus

I added Disqus to my site, it's the commenting section at the bottom of these posts. It's free and it works really well, It's a great service, and it's free.

However, It crawls your site and adds affiliate links to your links and turns plain text URLs into affiliate links. And that sucks.

You may have never noticed it, it's really sneaky. I inspected the links and they had a class of vglnk. A google search later I discovered that Disqus partnered with VigLink, an affiliate link operation.

I don't have a problem with affiliate marketing, I may use it in the future, but I don't want it enabled by a third party and I don't want my DOM parsed and modified without my OK.

Luckily I don't have to remove Disqus, because there's a way to turn it off. Although, I'm skeptical of Disqus now and will be thinking about making a commenting system. It's just a CRUD app and should be straight forward (recipe for getting into trouble).

Go to your admin section and click the advanced link on the left, then disable affiliate links.

How to disable affiliate links