Pop-In: Faded

October 2016 Pop-Shop is denim themed.

The screen capture software was a bit sluggish while recording and the live site had much better performance with no visible jank.

Faded has a simple design but with a somewhat complicated grid. The grid follows a pattern of 1 to 4 columns with equal spacing between rows. The elements are all a different size and the columns are offset and staggered, giving it a hand made look, like a collage.

The layout for tablet was different enough that it required a different DOM structure than desktop, and mobile had a completely different layout than the others. Instead of having three unique DOM structures, I used Mustache to inject it in using repeating tiles.

A neat feature of this shop is the use of filtering by brand. This was a first and something we can use going forward. It added an extra touch of brand focus by changing out the hero image in the header and it made it possible to provide links to the brands which had the perceived affect of the brand living on a unique page.