Pop-In: Gets Out

June 2016 Pop-In Shop encourages you to get out into nature

The screen capture software was sluggish while recording on my giant monitor. The live site was much smoother.

The theme of Gets Out is camping. It borrowed the revealing editorial in the main header from De Soleil but with subtle differences; It's full width instead of half width and the reveal animation is a simple dissolve. Since there is zero movement to the transition the dissolve is all that is needed.

The slider swaps the mouse pointer for left and right arrows depending on which half it is in. Changing the mouse pointer can be a UX no-no but in this case it adds to the usability of the slider. Since the slider auto rotates but stops when the mouse enters it the user has multiple cues of how to control it.

The SHOP button below the header is sticky when the header is larger than the screen height. Once the page scrolls passed this area the button snaps into place and stays put. The same is for the "X" to close button when the editorial is open.