Bike routing app

Plan a route to breweries, coffee shops, and bakeries. Know where facilities are along the way.

Song "Don't Love Me" by Stulp Fiction.

I built RouteBrew as a side project. I wanted to know where restrooms and drinking fountains were while planning a bike route. I added in POI searching, location searching, and "find me".

It's a MEAN single page app powered by OpenStreetMaps and a private DB. It was hosted on OpenShift for free until they dropped their freemium model. I had to take the site down :( and I haven't moved it over to another cloud solution.

I'm itching to resurrect it and add in new features. Maybe someday.

Interesting details

  • Routing is provided by MapQuest. Most people have probably forgotten about MapQuest but they are really strong in the Open Source mapping community. They have a lot of really great free mapping solutions.
  • The map design is by ThunderForest. The OpenStreetMap community is awesome and there are a bunch of free map designs available.
  • Each map view is a ton of PNG squares. One of the updates I'd like to do is use a vector map engine, like MapboxGL. That way I can easily design my own map and the rendering is crazy fast.
  • I designed the litter vector icons in Illustrator.